Wednesday, March 23, 2011

30% Off Complete Restaurant Bill in DC Area

Not just YOUR dinner - but your whole group's! Includes drinks!

GROUPON - Living Social - 2for's - WTSO....... The offers seem to roll in every day. Always a can't miss deal and a moments notice opportunity.

When I was "invited" to Village Vines - I was sceptical that this was just another program that would clog my inbox with daily offers that are 95% useless. Sure - they may be a good deal on dinner - but you can generally use only one coupon per table - or the coupon did not include drinks.

It is not my idea of "LivingSocial" if to use the coupon - I have to sit at the bar by myself.

This concept is different. It gives you 30% off your entire bill for your entire party. No fuss, no muss - just a hefty discount. I went to Indique Heights in Bethesda on Saturday and ran up a bill of $200 with my wife and group of friends before a late movie. The bill was promptly discounted to $120 - after the discount was applied.

I don't know about how others live - but eating and drinking for me is social. A 30% discount on the entire table is pretty sweet.

What is the catch? Well - you have to sign up - which takes about 5 minutes. You have to look at the current DEALS and see which restaurants are participating for the day you want to eat. Make a reservation through their system (Think Open Table) - and pay a $10 charge.

Did I say CHARGE? Yes I did. For me - paying $10 for the reservation was well worth the $60 discount.

You can also get credits for convincing others to join. They will credit your account $10 for each person or group that signs up on your recommendation. Certainly worth a try.

Go to Village Vines Website by clicking HERE!