Thursday, January 26, 2012

Speed Cameras... Safety or REVENUE?

KUDOS! to Geoff Tracy.....

It was just over two years ago that a speed camera snapped my photo on Route 28 and Seneca Road in North Potomac.  I was travelling 40 miles an hour - at 1am.

Anyone that travels that road knows that it is a high volume and speed roadway which lends itself to higher speeds.  I have long claimed that for Montgomery County and other jurisdictions, this is less about safety and more about revenue generation.

Geoff Tracy - Celebrity Chef
I was thrilled to see Jeff Tracy on the news last night protesting the speed cameras that have been snapping pics of cars on Foxhall Road near his home at an alarming rate.  

He is set to hire someone to hold a warning sign that will give potential speed camera victims a heads up and a chance to slow down.  I love the fact that he is willing to put his money where his mouth is, and stand up for what he believes is an unfair money maker for the District.

Today I am going to try and save Geoff some money - and provide signs for this camera location to give drivers some warning.  I hope to save at least a few people  a ticket - and stand in solidarity with one of D.C.'s great chefs - and speed camera opponent.

Please share this post if you agree - let's get Geoff and this issue some attention!